Understanding Mindfulness

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Healing Hands teaches every student how to recognize the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. At times, the mind can be the most challenging to balance. Mindfulness is about self-awareness and the appreciation of living in the present.

Being mindful is an important part of living a holistic life. We utilize the powerful effects of mindfulness to create balance and health within ourselves.


What it means to be a mindful person


Setting Intentions

When you are absent from your mind, you live your life on autopilot. Mindfulness places intention on your actions. Intention differs from goals because it is about the present time. Thinking with intent is not about what you can do long term, it is about what your situation is right now. Unlike goals, intention is rooted in reality. Whether it is in your yoga practice or at work, doing things with positive intent will improve your mental approach.

Intention helps you find a connection between your desires and your current situation. It brings your focus to what is important. This focus can help you shift your mood and accomplish tasks throughout the day with meaning.


Practice Acceptance

Throughout our day, we experience different emotions depending on our circumstances. Our reactions to these circumstances reflect our emotions and actions. Acceptance is the key to mindful living. Recognizing the emotions you feel and letting them exist, then pass, helps bring balance and clarity.

This type of thinking decreases stress, anxiety, and distractions while improving intuition, cognitive flexibility, and memory. When we let our emotions go, we find ourselves to be happier and more compassionate.


Mindfulness At Healing Hands

We believe that healthy living requires a holistic approach. We incorporate mindfulness in our teaching so students can learn how they can utilize it in their careers. Our Spiritual Healing course supplies students with tools and practices that bring our awareness to our energetic system and the guidance and information that is offered there. Other classes like Chakra Balancing also train students how to use mindful practices to balance the body’s energy centers.

When we carry deeper peace, grace and conscious alignment with our spiritual source, our presence naturally supports healing and truth.


Our Holistic Health Practitioner Program helps equip students towards living a mindful life. This program offers classes both during the weekdays, as well as nights and weekends, to accommodate any student. Our fall courses are beginning! Check out our available massage therapy classes.