Holistic Massage School Shares the Health Benefits of Dance!

“Did you know…???  Dancing for just a half hour, four times a week can provide immediate and long-term health benefits regardless of your age”, asked Harmony Curtiss, Director for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health – Laguna Hills.   “As a dancer myself, I can attest to the wide range of health benefits dance provides.  Below are just some of holistic benefits you can expect when you make dance a part of your self-care program”, she added:

Figure 1 – Above:  Graphic Created by ‘Chandigarh Bytes’

Physically – 

Dance offers many physical benefits that include improving balance, posture, flexibility and ease of motion.  It also strengthens and tones muscles and helps regulate your weight. Dancing, which requires controlled inhalation and exhalation, enhances cardio-pulmonary health.

Harmony Curtiss – fire dancing with Hayley Hawthorn (Sunshine)


Emotionally – Dancing is an activity that is fun, thus boosting one’s mood and relieving anxiety and depression.  We learn among a group of beginners, which makes it easier to accept learning mistakes.  As we become more proficient, our self-confidence soars.  The neuro-transmitters it releases ensure that we feel a sense of joy .

Mentally –

Dancing is exercise that has proven to be very good for your Brain.  Dance increases mental skills regardless of your age.  It requires focused attention, coordination, and memory.  With continued practices enhances all three while decreasing the risk for dementia.

Spiritually –

Moving your body in rhythm to the beat of music can be a stimulating, liberating and empowering experience.  It requires a letting go of the fear of judgement.  Dancing reconnects us to the care-free ‘Inner-Child’ which reminds us of our shared humanity.

Socially –

Dancing is usually done with a partner or in a group setting. It ensures opportunities to meet a variety of people.  Learning how to dance can help shy individuals socialize more easily.  Dancer communities often gather at for special events, offering a ready-made social life.

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