Holistic Massage School Shares Why Singing is a Good for your Health….

“Recent research indicates that just 10 minutes of singing each day can positively impact our physical and emotional wellbeing”, said Harmony Curtiss, Director for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health – Laguna Hills. “Below is a list of some of the surprising benefits of singing to one’s holistic health”, she added.


(Above:  Healing Hands Students Set the Mood with Joyful Singing at our Career Day Event at the Laguna Hills Campus)

  • A joint study  by Yale & Harvard Universities found that singing increases life expectancy. This is due to its ability to reduce stress and increase happiness for the singer.
  • Singing was found to lower levels of the stress hormone Cortisol.  Decreased Cortisol allows us to relax and improves our immune system function.
  • Studies found singing for at least 10 minutes daily reduces insomnia.
  • Singing releases Endorphins (feel-good hormones) and Oxytocin, which reduces stress anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness.
  • Singing helps us feel more connected to the world – and others, especially when singing in a group.
  • Singing, because of controlled breathing and exhalation, enhances our cardiovascular health.
  • When people come together to sing, they often experience an unexplained sense of unity and joy.
  • A study at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden did a study which found people who sang together became so connected they experienced synchronized heartbeats.
  • The University  researchers also proved that daily singing can train our lungs to breathe better, enhancing our Pulmonary health.
  • A study at Cardiff University  found that lung cancer patients who sang regularly had a greater capacity for exhalation than those who didn’t.
  • Singing requires deep concentration on breathing.  Accordingly it is great for our cardiovascular health.
  • Singing exercises major muscle groups in the upper body.
  • Studies show that singing boosts our immune system.
  • A report published in the Journal of Music Therapy, showed that singing can help patients cope with chronic pain.
  • Physical benefits of singing include improved posture and increased aerobic endurance.
  • Singing for at least 10 minutes daily has been shown to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Singing enables people with dementia to access memories.  This can bring relief during times when communication skills may be faltering.


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