Massage Therapists Now in High-demand Among Hospitals and Medical Environments

The demand for Massage Therapy in a Hospital Setting is steadily rising, making it a value-added skill for Nurses.

“With growing awareness of the benefits of Massage, Massage Therapist are aggressively targeted by recruiters from a variety of medical settings”, said Harmony Curtiss, Director for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, Laguna Hills (Healing Hands).   “Today, our career placement department receives dozens of job opportunities monthly from Doctors’ Offices, Hospitals, Medical/Wellness Centers, Sports Clinics, Chiropractors,  and others. If you or someone you know wants a rewarding career working in a Medical Environment, Healing Hands can help you make it happen!”, she added.

According to a nationwide survey  by the American Hospital Association in 2010, the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) within hospitals is on the rise. Forty-two percent of hospitals that responded to the survey confirmed that they provide CAM in the form of massage therapy, guided imagery and aromatherapy. That’s an increase of nearly 30% since 2000, and that number is still growing. Therapeutic Massage has been proven to reduce pain and anxiety and can relax patients anticipating a stressful surgery or medical procedure.  It can also comfort the patient, boost their mood and speed recovery after treatments or surgery.

For massage therapists who choose to work in of a medical setting, they’ll need to learn to interact with a variety of health care workers as patients are cared for by a team. They may also need to learn some medical terminology and adjust to a noisier, faster pace environment that may include interruptions.  Working in a Hospital or Medical Center offers the rewards of an educational environment where the massage practitioner can expand their knowledge, skills and abilities. Interacting with a large staff of health care workers can also add to the Practitioner’s sense of purpose and community. 

As more hospitals and patients learn about the health benefit of massage, opportunities for certified massage therapists in medical settings will continue to increase.  While getting used to a medical environment may require an adjustment, the opportunities to positively impact your patients’ lives are many.  Licensed massage therapists who enter the hospital setting gain valuable experience while raising awareness of massage and holistic health in our communities.

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