Acupressure at Healing Hands

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine in which massage therapists stimulate the muscles in specific points of the body to heal illness and pain. Instead of using needles like acupuncture, this form of massage therapy triggers pressure points by using force from the therapist’s hands.

In order to restore the body’s natural balance, the massage therapist must apply pressure to certain points in the body.


There are two types of Acupressure offered at Healing Hands:  


Tui Na:

Our class, Tui Na, is a massage modality based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves stimulation of acupressure points to directly affect the flow and balance of “chi,” (life energy) through “meridians” or channels in the body. In this course, students learn manipulation techniques to move chi through ill and injured areas of the body where blockages tend to occur.

In this course, our students will practice specific treatments to address chronic pain, common illnesses, and disorders of the spine and joints, such as Sciatica and rotator cuff problems. Through demonstration and plenty of hands-on practice, students will master both oscillating techniques to increase energy, as well as the traditional presses and pulls characteristic of Tui Na.


Clinical Acupressure

This course offers students an in-depth study of the 72 channels of the meridian matrix system, which is believed to circulate life-force energy throughout the body. The focus of this class will be on the 12 Primary Meridians used in acupuncture and acupressure. These include specific point locations and their healing functions. Students will learn how to recognize imbalances in the meridian system and deliver appropriate treatments.

By integrating the basic principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupressure with other massage practices, students learn new tools to facilitate optimal health and wellness in their clients.


Acupressure brings many benefits to the client including emotional balancing, relief from insomnia, boosting the immune system, calming indigestion, reducing arthritic pain, and fighting colds and cases of flu. In order to complete our Massage Therapy program, all students must enroll in Tui Na: Acupressure.

Interested in taking our course in Clinical Acupressure? This course will begin October 23rd at our San Diego location. Also, our Tui Na: Acupressure class starts October 14th in Escondido. For more information on both classes, click here. Hurry, classes are filling up quickly!