How Kundalini Yoga Benefits The Mind, Body, and Soul

Your body and mind undergo a variety of stressors throughout the day – both mental and physical. Eventually, this causes an unnecessary amount of strain on your health, which can disrupt your daily life. By taking part in an activity that calms your mind, such as kundalini yoga, you’ll be able to save your body from excessive wear and tear.


Kundalini yoga is a form of natural healing and a way to foster overall well-being. It gives your body a deep relaxation experience, which, in turn, allows your mind, body, and nerve endings to heal. Oftentimes it has the ability to increase lung capacity, strengthen the immune and nervous system, and promotes joint health.


While kundalini yoga benefits your health, it also benefits your soul. It empowers you to shine, prosper, and excel in all things and encourages you to move on from attachments that are keeping you stuck in the past. This type of yoga is the common denominator for all forms of self-healing, inspiration, and transformation. It’s also a powerful tool designed to give you an experience of your soul by combining breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, chanting and the science of sequence.


In our ‘Healing Through Kundalini Yoga’ class, we begin by teaching you breathing exercises in order to calm your mind and bring your focus to the present. Then, we’ll slowly transition into spinal warm-warm ups and stretching followed by a special set called a Kriya. A Kriya is a poetic progression of exercises, which work in concert to create a synergistic, multi-dimensional, exponential effect. One kriya might focus on detoxing the liver or working through creative blocks while another might focus on mastering your moods or developing willpower. After doing a set, we relax on our back for a few minutes and always end class with various forms of meditation. Whatever your intention for the class may be, you’ll always feel energized, relaxed, focused, and expansive at the end of the class.


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