Honoring Our Passed Graduates

On this sacred night, Healing Hands School would like to remember those students and graduates who have passed on from this world, and who touched the souls of the people around them who remain.

Though it is not possible to know all those who have passed, we are always honored when someone decides to join the legacy that is Healing Hands School of Holistic Health.  We know, that the students who come here move on to touch, and heal dozens, hundreds, thousands of other people.  Extending their touch and their belief in a  harmonious world to the furthest reaches of the earth.

Created by Josiah Elkins

This is especially poignant as a young man, a graduate, recently passed – Josiah Elkins.  He was a light, an inspiration to those around him.  And through his passing many graduates and Instructors have reached out to say their prayers, and to share their sorrow. It is with great honor that the Director of Healing Hands, Paula, Neha, and Harmony Curtiss, commissioned Josiah a dream catcher to bless the student clinic less than a year ago.

No amount of dream-catchers could replace the light that is Josiah, however we are honored to have a piece of his creation looking down on our clinic.  Josiah’s light will continue, in a small way here, as all of our graduate’s lights continue in each of their clients.  We know, in our hearts that Josiah’s light will continue to spread, on each student who joins our school, and takes the journey into the compassionate touch that is massage and holistic health.

So, for all our graduates who have passed, we know that there is a small piece of them still with us.  Who’s light has touched their peers in class, their clients, and their loved ones. Their time on earth led them to bring peace, light, and healing to the world.  We honor those who have passed and pray for their families, friends, and those that they have left behind.  We honor our graduates.