Holistic Massage School Reveals: 14 Ways Massage Therapists Can Profit from Their Business Cards!

  1. Have your cards printed with a special, Introductory Offer on the reverse side for 1st time clients.
  2. Be sure all your friends, relatives and close neighbors have a small stack of your cards to make ‘safe-referring’ easy.
  3. Stock your favorite hair salon or barber shop with a small supply of your business cards with a “Special Offer” for new clients, and “Mini-Massages” for referring Stylists.
  4. Give all your current clients a few cards and ask them to refer select friends and family who need Therapeutic Massage.
  5. Exchange a supply of cards with business ‘Partners’ in a complementary field i.e.: Aestheticians, Personal Trainers, Neuromuscular Therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Pilates and Yoga Studios, Neighborhood Salon Suites & Nail Salons.
  6. Attach your card to promotional materials you distribute at trade shows or networking events you attend.
  7. Include your card when you distribute promotional items, flyers or postcards to potential clients in your market area.
  8. Leave a ‘fan’ of your cards on Spa, Athletic Club, Gym and Fitness Center bulletin boards in your market area.
  9. Provide a card to service providers you encounter regularly i.e.: your Starbucks Server, Bank Teller, Dental Hygienist, Eye Doctor, Personal Trainers, Tutors, Pharmacist, etc.
  10. Leave your card with a tip when dining out at a favorite restaurant in your market area.
  11. Include your card with a healthy snack and a ‘special offer’ for parents at Halloween, Easter and other special occasions.
  12. Keep a supply of cards in your wallet, purse, and glove compartment of your car so they are always available.
  13. When giving information, write it on the back of your business card whenever possible.
  14. Give your card to attendees you meet at seminars, workshops, trainings.

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