Holistic Massage School Shares Ethical Guidelines for Massage Therapists


“As Professional Massage Therapists, our ethics, values and professionalism are of great importance to our careers” said Harmony Curtiss, Operations Manager for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (HH).  “Since our behavior as Massage Therapists impacts our profession and society as a whole, we urge all Graduates to become knowledgeable of the laws, regulations and Code of Ethics that pertain to Massage Therapists”, she added.

The word ‘Ethics’ is defined as:  Rules or principles which govern right and correct conduct based on moral and cultural standards as defined by society. ‘Values” are defined as beliefs and abstract ideals that shape an individual’s thinking and behavior. ‘Professionalism’ pertains to one being a specialist in a specific field.  ‘Ethical Decision Making’ is the application of ethical and professional skills to determine appropriate behavior and resolve ethical dilemmas. Choosing the right and correct path for treating clients requires an awareness of consequences and thoughtful, ethical decision making.  Below are 10 guidelines that can help Professional Massage Therapists stay clear of any unintentional breach of ethics that could ultimately jeopardize their licensure, reputation, or career future.

  1. Clients should be given a clear choice about wearing or not wearing articles of clothing during a massage therapy session.
  2. Clients should dress and undress in private.
  3. Make sure to obtain Informed Consent (verbal) with every client; and obtain Special Consent (Signed Form) before providing massage to minor children.
  4. Practice appropriate draping procedures at all times when working with clients
  5. Take care to avoid accidentally touching any private body part.
  6. Refrain from using Inappropriate terminology when speaking about body parts.
  7. Refrain from sexual innuendo of any type.
  8. Should a sexual relationship between a therapist and client begin to develop, the professional relationship must be terminated.
  9. Expose only one area of the body at a time – to maximize client privacy, comfort and warmth.

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