Holistic Massage School Shares Fun Facts About Our Beautiful Brains!

  • A 2011 study conducted by Harvard Medical School at Massachusetts General Hospital, gave scientific support to what Buddhists and Spiritualists have been said for ages: Meditation Makes You Healthier and Boosts Your Brain! The study showed significant increases in the size of various parts of the brain and amount of grey matter in Meditators!
  • It takes as little as 10 seconds for a human to lose consciousness after their brain is cut off from its blood supply.
  • The Olfactory (Smell) Bulb is part of the Limbic system of the brain which controls our emotions and the reason smells can trigger such strong memories. And, unlike memories triggered by sight or sound, olfactory memories can last much longer in our subconscious minds, making them valuable tools for our memory.
  • Our brains are more than 60% fat, make up 2% of your body’s weight, and use 20% of the body’s oxygen and glucose to keep itself functioning normally!
  • Human brains process images 60,000 times faster than we process text!
  • A 1986 study by University of Minnesota and 3M Corporation, showed images made ads more appealing and proved to be 43% more persuasive and effective than the use of text alone!

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