Holistic Massage School Shares Five Proteins for a Fabulous Physique!

Although Scientists disagree about how many muscles there are in the human adult body, estimates range from 650 to more than 800. In fact, muscles make up 40% of your total body weight.  Frequently used, well-developed muscles can help us perform necessary daily activities with ease, protect us from injury, facilitate grace of movement and enhance our physical and emotional well-being.  That’s why feeding our bodies the proper food it needs to build healthy muscle tissue is key to achieving optimal health.


Eating the right foods can not only help prepare you for an effective workout, they can help your body recover more quickly after your muscle-building activities.  The foods presented in the below list will not only help you prepare for an effective workout, they’ll help your body effectively recover from each of your muscle-building routines.

Salmon: This meaty fish is full of Omega-3 fatty acids which protect your heart and inhibit muscle breakdown. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to benefit our health in a variety of ways. For gaining muscle mass, omega-3 fatty acids can boost metabolism and energy levels, both of which are crucial to any workout routine.

Lean Beef: Lean cuts like Sirloin or Round Steak have the perfect lean to fat ratio and contains Creatine which facilitates recycling of adenosine triphosphate (ADT), the energy currency of the cell.  Lean beef also offers essential nutrients including iron, zinc and vitamin B as well as high-quality protein.

It features high levels of amino acids that manipulate insulin to promote healthy muscle growth. Finally, lean beef is low in calories and unhealthy fats, so it won’t cause you to gain the wrong kind of weight.

Omega-3 Eggs: Fortified eggs act as the frame for new muscle.  Each egg yolk contains ½ gram of Leucine, an amino acid that triggers muscle growth. Although eggs do contain both cholesterol and fat, they’re also packed with high-quality protein and a wide variety of essential nutrients. On top of that, they’re a great source of vitamin D. If you can’t get over the fat issue, try egg whites, which contains all of the protein and none of the fat.

Chicken:  Like beef, Chicken is high in protein and low in fat. An ideal food for building, maintaining, and repairing muscle for athletes or those participating in a muscle or body-building program. The high-quality protein in chicken is also helpful in enhancing bone health and maintaining a healthy body weight.  It’s important to prepare your chicken in a healthy way, so be sure to remove the fatty skin and avoid deep frying. Consider grilling it or baking it in the oven.




Nuts: Almonds are an excellent source of protein (a handful boasts more protein than an egg) and provide you with the healthy fats that will keep you feeling full and satisfied. They’ve been shown to raise levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDL, or “good” cholesterol), while lowering low-density lipoproteins (or “bad” cholesterol). Almonds are also packed with monounsaturated fats shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Try raw or roasted almonds and avoid those cooked in heavy oil or salt.  Just a single ounce of Almonds contain 150-170 calories making them a healthy snack you can take anywhere.


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