Holistic Massage School Shares Natural Ways to Reach Your Personal Potential

Practice Positivity!


Nothing is more important than your ability to be a positive with your Self. When you are positive, in word, thought and deed, you will begin to feel that while you’re not perfect, you ARE on the right track.   This self-assurance goes a long way toward calming nerves and reducing anxiety, while boosting confidence and one’s sense of happiness. This doesn’t mean that you should stop calling yourself out on negative behavior or performance, but it does mean that you should focus on the good in your life first and foremost. In fact, if you practice positivity in your words, attitude and all aspects of your life, you can be sure you will begin experiencing dramatic improvements.


Take Time for Creative Self Expression!


Getting in touch with one’s creative side and not being afraid to think outside of the box, or color outside of the lines, can help you develop critical thinking and enhance your life in exciting ways. Try putting aside an hour a day to really embrace unrestrained creativity. Don’t limit yourself to projects or goals, simply take time to do or create something artistic and embrace the joy of child’s play. 


Read, Read, and Read Some More!


Teachers agree that incorporating reading time into your daily routine is a great way to better yourself at any age. Reading is not only educational, it gets the creative juices flowing, expands your vocabulary, sparks your imagination, and creates a yearning to learn even more.


Move beyond your Comfort Zone!


While creating a comfort zone for ourselves is healthy, stepping out of our comfort zone on occasion can also be.  Especially when it’s time to transition, grow, or transform!  If one remains wrapped up in a safe little cocoon all their life, they can miss out on the joy of establishing new friendships, the lessons learned through new experiences, and the confidence and personal growth that comes from meeting challenges.


Allow Yourself to Fail, Then Get Back Up!


During the process of reaching your maximum potential – you may experience failure and/or embarrassment several times before you get there. Give yourself permission to try, and fail, and even embarrass yourself. Once you realize that ‘winning’ isn’t everything or that ‘losing’ or being ‘embarrassed’ won’t kill you, you’ll be better equipped to deal with whatever life hands you in the future. Then, if /when you fail, you’ll recognize it as an opportunity to demonstrate self-love…and get right back up!


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