Holistic Massage School on Why Students Choose a Career in Massage Therapy

At Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, we’re always asking prospective students three questions.  Are you interested in health and wellness?  Do you need to achieve financial independence, fast? Are you seeking a flexible career that you can take anywhere?   If they answer yes to any or all of these questions is yes, we invite them to consider the career of Professional Massage Therapist.


At Healing Hands School, our curriculum offers two Certification Programs and over 80 Massage and Holistic Health courses.  Students may enroll in the 500-hour Massage Therapy Program, or the 1000-hour Holistic health Practitioner Program.  Both programs prepare students to become State Certified as Professional Massage Therapists.  Take a look below at a few comments Healing Hands students’ gave for why they choose a career in Massage Therapy.  (Names are withheld to protect students’ privacy.)


“For me, school meant a financial commitment.  The cost for tuition at Healing Hands School is only a fraction (1/10) of the cost of a traditional 4 year education which averages close to $130,000.  Rather than become saddled with unmanageable debt for an uncertain professional future, Healing Hands School prepared me for an in-demand career in less than 1 year!”


“I wanted flexibility and a part time career since I’m a Mom.  Massage Therapists can pick their hours, and their days; an advantage for our family as my husband’s schedule is constantly changing.  The flexibility this career allows, gives me the best of both worlds, my own career and a family!”


“Healing Hands’ Job-placement Department texted me several job opportunities each week, even before I graduated.  After 25 years, the school’s reputation has attracted the best Massage Therapy Employers.  I received multiple employment offers just as soon as I started looking, and I’ve been gainfully employed ever since”


 “I’ve always been interested in Sports and body-building activities.  As a personal trainer, I had already established a clientele of sports enthusiasts who would benefit from regular massage.  Choosing Massage Therapy as a complementary profession made perfect sense, and has allowed me to substantially increase my monthly income”


“As a Massage Therapist, I work one on one with clients in a quiet, relaxing and therapeutic environment.  I find this to be a very welcome relief from the loud, busy, and competitive corporate environment in which I had previously worked” –


“Becoming a Massage Therapist empowered me to increase my income. Straight out of school I was earning $25 -$35 an hour with tips at a massage clinic.  Today, I also receive $65 to $75 from private clients I visit at their homes.  By combining these two revenue streams, I can increase my income incrementally, without the risk of going it alone from the start”.


“Pursuing a career in Massage Therapy allowed me to focus on an area of specialty that fit my personal interests, Movement Arts and Sports.  By tailoring my education to Sports related therapies, I am able to use deep-tissue, neuro-muscular, and myo-facial therapies to affect substantial positive change for my clients.”


“Working as a Massage Therapist allows me to help others heal and feel better right away.  That gives me instant satisfaction; knowing I’ve made a positive, therapeutic impact, fulfills my sense of purpose.”


For more about Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, or to explore if Massage is the right career for you, visit us at www.HealingHandsSchool.com or call us at (949) 305-2722 in Laguna Hills, or (760) 746-9364.  Healing Hands School of Holistic Health – “Touching Lives, Touching Hearts” since 1992.