Holistic Massage School Offers Advanced Classes in Therapeutic Stretching

“New research on the physiological effects of stretching now support what Athletes and Massage Therapists have known for decades; stretching helps to promote body awareness, blood flow, flexibility, range of motion and performance,” said J.R. Price, Staff Instructor for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (HHSHH).  “The school’s 58-hour, Therapeutic Stretching course allows me to lead students through a safe and proven protocol for stretching all muscle groups of the body to facilitate maximum performance for themselves and their clients” he added. 


Through lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice J.R. teaches students about a variety of stretching techniques with focus on an advanced modality called Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or (PNF).  PNF’s goal is to increase flexibility, enhance ease of movement, improve range of motion and facilitate balance in the musculoskeletal body.  Special attention is given to body-mechanics (movement & support) when facilitating the stretches as well as optimal breathing techniques and client-therapist communication.  An integral part of any holistic wellness program, PNF stretching has been shown to greatly enhance athletic performance.  With so many sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes seeking massage regularly, therapeutic stretching is a MUST-HAVE modality for today’s Massage Therapist.


Ideally, a PNF session begins with the Massage Therapist warming the targeted muscle group with techniques and manipulations to increase blood flow, lubricate joints, and oxygenate muscles and nerves.  Once warmed, the Massage Therapist then directs the client through a series of facilitated stretches in which the client is alternately actively and passively participating.  The breath-work involved lends a relaxing and meditative aspect to the bodywork, yet each move requires focus and effort on the part of the recipient and facilitator. Care is taken to stretch areas without causing pain and identify muscles that are weak and in need of strengthening.


J.R. is a Certified Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Staff Instructor working with HHSHH since 2006.  A specialist in Myofascial Therapies and Deep Tissue Manipulations, J.R. worked alongside a Chiropractor where he witnessed the healing capacity of the human body and the effectiveness of therapeutic bodywork on a daily basis.  Having gained a deep respect for physiology and the body/mind connection, J.R. investigates the core cause of the dysfunction in the body rather than just address symptoms.  As a result, he enjoys a successful bodywork practice that focuses on injury rehabilitation and chronic pain. 


Voted “Teacher of the Year” in 2009, JR is held in the highest-regard among HHSHH Staff and Faculty.  Students who’ve had the pleasure of attending one of J.R.’s classes say he takes great pride in creating a sacred space for learning.  Leading by example, they say he inspires a sense of safety, always treating others with respect, kindness, honesty, while encouraging open communication.  Students attribute J.R.’s teachings to taking their massage practice to new heights allowing them to facilitate “serious change” for their clients.


Healing Hands School of Holistic Health has been serving residents in Escondido and Laguna Hills for over 24 years.  To date, HHSHH has prepared more than 6,500 students for successful and rewarding careers in Massage Therapy and Holistic Health. To find out more about  J.R.’s upcoming classes of: Deep Tissue Manipulations, Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage, Therapeutic Stretching or any of the other 80+ classes offered at HHSHH, please visit us at www.HealingHandsSchool.com or call us at (949) 305-2722 in Laguna Hills or (760) 746-9364 in Escondido.