Massage Therapy School Adds Self-Mastery Course to Holistic Training Curriculum

“Holistic problems require holistic solutions”, said Paula Curtiss, Founding Director for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health.  “That’s why we are so excited to add a class that focuses on thoughts and feelings and their substantial effect on our body’s health.  This new class, Natural Behavioral Techniques, will be making its debut at Healing Hands Escondido campus this summer on Monday, June 19th and at our Laguna Hills campus this fall, so mark your calendars”, she added.

Guest Instructor, Michelle Vonn, possesses a Bachelor of Science – Master Herbalist degree from Global College of Natural Medicine and a Ph.D. in Holistic Natural Health and Healing from the University of Natural Health.  For more than 16 years, Michelle has conducted individual and group classes about natural health strategies to facilitate healing with great success.  During that time she inspired enhanced self-awareness for countless clients.  By helping them find relief from fear, anxiety, depression and emotional mood swings, her clients enjoyed a level of health and wellbeing previously unknown, enriching their lives for years to come.   

Michelle’s class, “Natural Behavioral Techniques”, promises to do the same for Healing Hands students and their clients.  This 16-hour class introduces students to natural wellness modalities that will help them identify and explore the sources of their own psychological struggles.  Through the education and application of proven cognitive/behavioral practices, Michelle will empower students to master negative emotions that adversely impact their mood, relationships, finances, and more.

Through, lecture, demonstration, and guided practice, in “Natural Behavioral Techniques” students learn how to identify and over-come personal emotional issues. “When the root of the problem is identified, the student will learn how it can be transmuted by positive modalities” said Michelle. The personal mastery techniques taught are intended to facilitate a better emotional integration and in turn, create better physical and emotional health for both the massage therapy students and their clients.

Serving residents through two campuses and three classrooms located in San Diego, Escondido and Laguna Hills, Healing Hands is considered a trail-blazer for Holistic Health Education in Southern California.  Boasting two Certification Programs and more than 80 Massage and Holistic Health classes, Healing Hands has prepared more than 7,000 students for successful careers and can do the same for you! To find out if a career in Massage Therapy may be right for you, visit us online at  or call us at (949) 305-2722 in Laguna Hills or (760) 746-9364 in Escondido (and for San Diego’s classroom).