Holiday Gift Ideas for Health Advocates

Santa Says…..
Stop by Healing Hands School for the
 Perfect Gift this Holiday Season!



You don’t have to be a Professional Massage Therapist to enjoy giving and receiving a therapeutic massage.  At Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (HH), you can learn how to give your friends and loved ones a therapeutic Circulatory Massage in as little as 1 month!  Imagine, you can start a class in January, and by February have the knowledge and skills to relieve pain, reduce stress, relax over-worked muscles and positively impact the lives of those closest to you. HH’s Circulatory Massage class can be a unique and valuable experience for yourself, a friend or a loved one.

If a massage class didn’t make it on to your holiday shopping list this year, then consider one of HH’s holistic health classes.  With more than 80 courses to choose from, there is something of interest for everyone at HH.  In addition to dozens of massage modalities, HH offers classes in Aromatherapy, Health & Dietary Practices, Homeopathic 1st Aid, Herbal Studies and Applications, Nutritional Superfoods, Advanced Herbal Preparations plus a variety of Energy-work classes.  Our on-site bookstore also offers a variety of unique books, study-guides, and self-care products, a collection you won’t find anywhere else this holiday season.

Note: Bookstore hours are: 9am to 5:30pm Mondays through Fridays at
125 W. Mission Avenue in Escondido or 23022 La Cadena in Laguna Hills
Visa and Discovery Cards accepted

Item Price Range
Instructors, Denise Fultz and Raina Colvin’s

Feflexology open view front view and back view


Instructor, Shana Lipner’s Sage Country Herbs Products


Deluxe Massage Oil

Therapeutic Pain Solution (small/large)

Sore Muscle Salve

Lip Balm

Shana Lipner’s Sage Country Herbs ProductsShana Lipner’s Sage Country ProductsHerbs Products









Massage Tables

Massage Tables

$290.52 Standard Plus Pkg.

$430.92 Classic Deluxe Pkg.

$430.92 Versalite Pro Pkg.

$484.92 Prima Table Pkg.

Massage Chair Package

Massage Chair Package

Massage Oils, Lotions, Creams & Gels


Massage Oils Massage Oils, Lotions, Creams & Gels

$6.47 –  $22.73 (8 oz)

$45.95 (1/2 Gallon)

$71.95 (1 Gallon)

La Crosse Balls (for Deep Tissue and


La Crosse Balls

Knobble (for Self-Acupressure)




Anatomy Study Guides  $3.24
Anatomy Flash Cards $25.92
Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage Study guide/folder $6.48
Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage Study Flash Cards $25.92

NOTE:  The above is a partial list of items available, please visit HH book-store to view them all.

Healing Hands School of Holistic Health has been serving residents through two regional campuses located in Escondido and Laguna Hills for over 24 years.  Considered a trail-blazer for Holistic Health Education in Southern California, HH has prepared more than 6,700 students for successful and rewarding careers in Massage Therapy and Holistic Health. To learn more about HH, or to explore if a career in massage therapy may be right for you, please visit us online at  or call us at (949) 305-2722 in Laguna Hills or (760) 746-9364 in Escondido.