Holistic Massage School Shares Excerpts from a Healer’s Story: Part II

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Guest Blog by: Daniel Lozano,

Student of Massage Therapy and Holistic Health

I never thought that I would be coming to a school to learn how to do massage and heal others. I never thought that I would be here, but I have been humbled by the experience and grateful for the opportunity to attend, study, learn and grow at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health.

Three of the most influential teachers I have met at HHSHH are Dan Martin, Shannon Gonzalez, and JR Price.  Dan was my first teacher, we met in his Circulatory Massage class. More than just a teacher, Dan has been a friend and a mentor that I have grown to respect and love. In Dan’s class we learned the foundations of massage including proper body mechanics, stance, technique and form while learning to deliver a full body Circulatory massage. I have to admit, my class had enough characters and personalities for a sociologist to have a field day, but Dan demonstrated patience that is admirable and deserving of the Teacher of the Year title he was awarded. Classmates in this first class grew into a close and tight-knit group of friends that supported one another and really encouraged each other to make it to the end.

In Energy work for Bodyworkers, taught by Shannon Gonzalez, I learned so much about myself and experienced a deep level of healing. It was in Shannon’s class that I really gained confidence in my ability to sense, and work with energy and to channel messages from the spiritual plane.  In this class I confronted two traumas that have been held in my body and, I believe, had been holding me back emotionally and spiritually. Through the techniques learned in class, we worked with one another to energetically bring to surface anything that needs to be healed and processed. When things got difficult, Shannon was there to comfort and encourage students to work through and heal any trauma or issue that presented itself.  The worked allowed me to heal from traumas experienced more than 25 years ago, powerful stuff for the brave of heart, and I am grateful beyond belief for the experience.

Another thing that I learned about massage that I had never thought about before was the concept of emotional releases. Though we touched on it in the Circulatory class, we experienced and delved into it deeper in Deep Tissue Manipulations taught by JR Price. In his class we learned that Therapists must remain mindful that muscles hold memory of trauma. When triggered or stimulated, muscles may recall those memories and it is something the client can feel physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. In response to this muscle memory release, some people may laugh on the table while others may cry.  Understanding it is all normal, simply how their body is choosing to release the memory of trauma whether from a sports injury, accident or an emotional injury. While taking Deep Tissue, I personally experienced an emotional release that resonated throughout my entire system. It surrounded a diagnosis that I had not come to terms with for almost 9 years.  JR’s class allowed me to finally confront my issues and find peace.

I spoke with all of my teachers, but felt most comfortable with Dan and JR who provided the male perspectives I needed. I decided to speak with them about my personal concerns, but never expected the overwhelming support and encouragement that I received. It felt great to open up to my teachers and eventually, my classmates.  As a result, I have learned to stay true to who I am and to love and respect myself first. After sharing my struggles, both Dan and JR encouraged me to continue. Supported by my new found tribe, I felt the flame within spark and knew then I would be able to make it.  Thank you Dan, Shannon & JR, for not only teaching me how to massage, but for helping me re-discover my self-worth and gain confidence as a Healer.  I am forever grateful for your mentorship, and caring support.

In Love and Gratitude, 

Daniel Lozano

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