Why Do Students Choose Healing Hands School of Holistic Health?…


Focus on: An Exceptional Faculty


“At Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (HHSHH), students aren’t just educated, they are mentored”, said Founding Director, Ms. Paula Curtiss.   “Our dedicated team of professional Instructors have been carefully selected to ensure their commitment to our students’ success.  Not only are they specialist in their field, they strive to honor each student’s individuality and to empower students with the skills, information and insight needed to become one of the best in their field”, she added.   

Licensed Massage Therapists for over 30 years, Paula and husband/Co-Director, Neha are credited with developing and teaching the first Massage Therapy curriculum for community colleges in SoCal.  Holistic Health Advocates at heart, they soon recognized the need for a more comprehensive Program of study for Therapists and started HHSHH in 1992 to fulfill that need.   Since then, the Curtiss’ have worked diligently to expand their curriculum from 8 to over 80 Massage and related holistic health courses offered at both Escondido and Laguna Hills campuses.

As new courses were thoughtfully added, great care was taken to find subject specialists who shared the Curtiss’s vision and interactive teaching style.  Twenty four years later, HHSHH’s Faculty has grown from 2 to over 20 highly-qualified and caring Staff Instructors plus several modality/subject specialists who contribute regularly as ‘Guest Instructors’. 

Since the school’s inception, all Faculty have been encouraged to lead by example, creating a safe space for learning and demonstrating compassion, and respect to all students in the learning process. This is especially important as classes often explore delicate topics such as personal boundaries, professional ethics, client communications, mistakes Therapists make, and the importance of a Therapist’s healing intention.   Fortunately, students at HHSHH say that the insight, knowledge, experience and compassion  of HHSHH Instructors makes classes as thought-provoking and educational as they are practical and fun. 

With more than 6,500 graduates working around the state, HHSHH’s Faculty has earned a reputation for producing some of the most talented Massage Therapists and Body-workers in California. Accordingly, our Graduate Placement office receives dozens more job opportunities monthly than we have Graduates to fill them.  Just as importantly, Graduates’ paper-work often reflects the student’s great appreciation for their HHSHH’s Instructors, claiming they facilitated a profound physical, personal and professional transformation that has changed their life for the better.

If you’re considering a career as a Massage Therapist and are looking for a caring and competent Faculty to prepare you for success, consider HHSHH!  From enrollment through graduation and beyond, you can count on the accomplished Faculty of HHSHH to set you on a path toward success.  To learn more, visit us online at www.HealingHandsSchool.com  or call us at (760) 746.9364 in Escondido or (949) 305.2722 in Laguna Hills to schedule a no-pressure introduction and tour today!