Holistic Massage School Supports National Nutrition Month By Offering Three Great Classes on Nutrition

“The term ’Super-food‘ is used to describe a food considered especially nutritious and beneficial to health and well-being”, says Paula Curtiss, Director for Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (HHSHH).  “Nutritional Superfoods are an essential part of any holistic self-care program. Not only do they supply our bodies with the energy we need, they provide the essential nutrients that repair and build bone, muscle, and other body tissues.  Other well-known health benefits of nutritional Super-foods include: reducing or preventing inflammation, regulating your metabolism and burning fat, reducing bad cholesterol and high blood pressure, and protect us against cancers and heart disease.” she added.   

“At HHSHH, the Directors of Education understand the importance of good nutrition and have incorporated three great ‘nutrition’ classes into the curriculum” said Harmony Curtiss, Laguna Hills Campus Director.  “These include: Health & Dietary Practices, that teaches how eating habits can affect an individual’s nutrition and health and Holistic Nutrition, which reviews the basic nutrients in food and examines how food affects the mind/body connection.   Nutritional Super-foods, is yet another course that identifies a variety of Super-foods and discusses how each prevents disease and promotes wellness. This class explores the full spectrum of greens, from wheatgrass to seaweeds to fermented foods and more.” she continued.

All HHSHH’s nutrition classes give students a clearer understanding of how to use nutrition to facilitate optimal health for themselves, their clients and their loved ones.  The classes also touch on food trends and recent research; such as how combining specific Super-foods can unlock more nutritional value than eating them alone.  Below are a few examples of how Super-food combos give you more nutritional bang for your bite!

Protect Your Skin!  Sprinkle Olive Oil over Sliced Tomatoes. Tomatoes, which contain the powerful antioxidant, Lycopene, has been shown to help prevent sun-damage, a huge contributor to skin aging.  Olive oil protects against the oxidative stress that causes skin to age.  When combined, these foods give you softer, smoother, and younger looking skin.  For the greatest benefits from this combo, heat the tomatoes to release more skin protecting Lycopene

Ease Symptoms of PMS!   Egg Omelet with Broccoli. A recent study published in Archives of Internal Medicine found that women who regularly consumed Vitamin D and Calcium were 30 to 40% less likely to suffer from PMS than those who didn’t.  Eggs are a great source of Vitamin D, and Broccoli contains one of the most easily absorbed forms of Calcium.  Together in an omelet they become super-foods able to dramatically reduce the irritability and other symptoms that accompany monthly hormonal changes. 

Protect Your Vision!  Mix Spinach and Avocados.

Packed with Lutein and Vitamin A, Spinach is a powerful vision protector.   When combined with Avocados, which also contain Vitamin A and Lutein, your body gets the essential fats needed for the body to absorb the many nutrients.  



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