Comprehensive Massage Therapist Training Sets Graduates Apart

As a Holistic Massage School, Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (HHSHH) is certified by the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education (PPSE) of the State of California to teach all aspects of massage and holistic health.  To maintain this Certification, HHSHH is required to provide completion rates, placement rates, licensure exam passage rates, and salary/wage information for students completing each program the school offers.  In the case of HHSHH, two programs are offered; the 500-hour Massage Therapist Training Program and the 1,000-hour Holistic Health Practitioner Program.

To obtain the starting salary/wage information required for PPSE statistics, a survey is sent to each graduate’s new employer for completion after 30 days of employment. In addition to contact information and survey questions, an “Additional Comments” section allows for specific employer feedback.  These survey responses and feedback by Employers consistently confirms that HHSHH Graduates demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to facilitate positive change for Clients right from the start.   Below are just a few of the many positive comments received by new employers:

“Branden has been a blessing to my practice.  He demonstrates the love and wisdom of your wonderful school through his own ‘Healing Hands’”.

“Angela is a great asset to our team with multiple returning clients to her credit.  She is extremely knowledgeable of her field and exceeds the skill level necessary for the job.”

“Sandra is awesome! She is not only a very driven worker, but she has true skill.  We’re so glad that she is a part of our team.”

“Maryam is a focused team player that identifies her client’s needs and then meets them during massage treatment.  She definitely demonstrates the skill level and training necessary to do this job.”

“Nancy is very dedicated to her work and to providing a culture of wellness for the patients and employees at our clinic.”

 “Elizabeth demonstrates the skill level necessary to do her job, and she is one of the best therapists that has ever worked here!”

“Sage, like all the graduates we have hired from Healing Hands, has been wonderful.”

“Shawn always listens to what the client needs and asks for; and attends to their requested needs in a focused and professional manner.  I strongly believe that Shawn received the necessary training and meets the skill level necessary for this job.”

“Tyler has proven to be a great Massage Therapist/employee and asset to our massage clinic.”

“We are very happy to have Frances join our team.  We look forward to her having a long, successful career with us.”

To find out more about HHSHH, our 80+ Massage and Holistic Health classes, or how to hire HHSHH Graduates, please visit us online at or call us at (949) 305-2722 /Laguna Hills or (760) 746-9364 /Escondido.