Summertime Mango, Veggie, Hummus Collard Green Wraps

Although Fall just began its not too late to learn this new dish and eat it all year round. wrap it up

A refreshing and nutrient rich snack for summer entertaining or a quick fix for yourself, green leafy vegetables, like collard greens, contain most of the essential minerals needed for a healthy body and mind. Richly colored fruits and vegetables, such as red bell peppers and mangos, are anti-oxidant rich, protecting the body from oxidative stress cause by a variety of environmental and internal processes. Sprouts have a wide array of trace minerals and hummus is a vegetarian source of protein and good fat. All together, these foods optimize the vitamin and mineral content of this easy to prepare snack.




2 Collard leaves

½ cup hummus of choice

half red bell pepper, cut into strips

half cucumber, cut into strips

handful of sprouts (alfalfa, sunflower, clover, broccoli…)

1 mango, peeled, deseeded, and cut into strips




Rinse collard leaves and cut along stem on either side to remove. Pat dry.


Take the 4 halves of the collard leaves and cut in half again, short-way (end up with 8 pieces total)


On each collard piece, spread a tablespoon of hummus and lay a strip of bell pepper, cucumber, mango, and sprouts along center.


Wrap collard around filling and move to a plate. Repeat until all collard pieces are used.


Enjoy in the sun with a glass of lemonade.