Holistic Massage School Reveals Top 5 Office-Tension Tamers

Did you know that by the end of each work-day millions of office workers experience stiff arm muscles, shoulder pain, back- aches, head-aches and other physical symptoms?  Badly designed chairs and workstations are part of the problem, but even with the most ergonomic set-up hours of sitting can negatively impact one’s posture.  That’s why it’s essential for office workers to take frequent self-care stretch breaks during the day.  To help loosen tight muscles and relieve tension caused by hours of desk-sitting, try these tension busting exercises prescribed by Paula Curtiss, shutterstock_86852437Founding Director of Healing Hands School of Holistic Health:


1) Arm, Back, & Neck Stretch

  • Place your arms behind you while seated in your chair
  • Link your hands together and lift them slightly to stretch (not strain!)
  • Extend your neck by looking up to the ceiling for the count of 5
  • Release arms and head, then repeat 5 times.


2) Shoulder & Neck Release 

  • Clasp your fingers together and raise them above your head
  • Turn your palms toward the ceiling and stretch your arms as high as possible
  • Hold for the count of 5 then,
  • Flip your palms so they face each other and reach up and back as far as possible
  • Hold for the count of 5 then release
  • Repeat the sequence 5 times

3) Seated Cat Stretchshutterstock_116241661

  • Move your chair away from your desk to allow more room
  • Bend forward until your chest rests on your knees
  • Allow your hands to clasp your ankles
  • Gently round your back up, into a cat stretch
  • Hold for the count of 5 then release
  • Repeat the stretch 5 times


4) Forearm Stretch –

  • Hold your arms straight out to each side as far as possible
  • Flex your hands so fingers point up
  • Rotate arms slowly so your fingers point forward, backwards, then down
  • Feel the stretch on the upper and lower forearms as you rotate your arms
  • Return fingers to pointing up position and repeat sequence 5 times


5) Posture Perfect Stretch –

  • Place your left arm behind your back with fingers pointed up
  • Reach your right arm up over your right shoulder with fingers pointing down
  • Clasp your fingers together and stretch each arm to the count of 5
  • Reverse positioning and stretch again – to the count of 5
  • Repeat the sequence 5 timesshutterstock_42600829