Spring Newsletter 2015 – Holistic Massage School

Hello Healers,

Spring of 2015 brings us green hillsides and a full schedule of classes. In Laguna Hills, Frida Hauksdotter will teach Therapeutic Mobilization and Visceral Manipulations; and Richard Jordan comes from Costa Rica to teach CranioSacral Therapy and Somatics. In Escondido, Faun Parliman teaches Reiki and Spiritual Healing; Shana Grover teaches Advanced Herbal Formulations; and Paula Curtiss teaches On Site Therapy for Career Development.

 As our terrain blossoms with an almost infinite variety of greenery, we see that our schedule is offering 30 different class offerings! Healing Hands School graduates are prepared to work in any environment. Our most recent Holistic Health Practitioner graduates are a truly wonderful group of students, healers, artists, and teachers. Thank you so much for choosing Healing Hands School to learn, grow and share with. Congratulations Jenn Acuña, Bridgett Bowley, Andrea Elisabetta Caporaso  Judit E. Fulop, Janna Gaston, Tommy Lee Hilliard, Mandy Jackson, Nyrma Javier, Vanessa Marie Leal, Deniz Locke, Ashley Long, Kristy Martinez, Karissa Massaro, Dove Brianna McCuistion, Maria Del Rocio Mendoza, Nelida Munguia, Deena Oliver, Anthony Pamintuan, Elizabeth Plachte, Tammy Rodriguez, Veronica Sais, Yannel Sanchez, Jason Sandsness, Tabitha Snyder, Victoria Soo, Lyndi Tennison, Adrian P. Tirado, Kassandra Lee Van Rossem, David Sidney Warder, and Ana C. Zorn. Our sincere hope is that you will magnify the work you have done with tenfold, and that your craft will become your skill, your heart song and your soul’s volition.

Author Rebecca Solnit’s tells us:  “Many events plant seeds, imperceptible at the time, that bear fruit long afterward.” Who knows which class you took, which teacher you worked with, which remark from a colleague, will spark the seed that will become the full and ripe fruit of sustenance?

And please join us as we celebrate the birth of 2 Healing Hands School babies. Melanie, JR and Jayden welcome their new Angel, Sovi AND Shannon and Kenny welcome their new Angel, Noah.

In Peace and Health, Paula & Neha
All of us at Healing Hands

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