Holistic Massage School Announces 2015 Winter Schedule and Quarterly Newsletter

Hello Healers,

Welcome 2015!  This New Year, California massage therapists see our profession becoming more formalized. As of January 1, 2015, the California Massage Therapy Council [camtc.org] requires new criteria shutterstock_152680601for state certification. State certified massage therapists must complete 500 hours of training from an approved massage therapy school, and pass the massage therapy exam administered by MBLx. Healing Hands School is proud to say that our pass rate for the standardized national exam is 100%! We are ready to help our students pass the state exam and enter the profession well trained in their hands-on skills as well as well versed in the body of terminology utilized in our profession. Paula Curtiss’ course, Standardized Test Practice Review, is designed to help students design and practice their study plan to be perfectly prepared for this new state requirement.

 This Quarter we welcome Faun Parliman back to our Laguna Hills classroom. Faun teaches sublime energy healing work in her Reiki and Spiritual Healing classes. Ken Smith brings his newly expanded Structural Integration work in 2 formats: Principals of Structural Integration and 10 Sessions of Structural Integration. Join Ken to learn from his many years of experience as a highly successful massage therapist and structural worker. In Escondido, we welcome 2 new Guest teachers: Frida Hauksdottir brings her skills as an Osteopathic Manual Therapist to teach Therapeutic Mobilizations. Learn how to help the joints move efficiently, free of pain. Also, Petra Scotti-White is offering our first Yoga Therapy course to Healing Hands. Join Petra to learn how yoga poses and moves can be integrated into your work with clients.  Check out the 2015 Winter Schedule!

This quarter’s Holistic Health Practitioner graduates span the breadth of our school’s demographics. This quarter’s HHP graduates include: veterans from our Armed Services; young men just starting their lives as working adults; highly motivated graduates who have secured work in exotic locales like Alaska; diligent men and women who stepped out of their normal life experience to participate in Healing Hands School’s program courses; the soft spoken and gentile; and the colorful and witty. Please join us as we congratulate Alma Alvarez, Patty Anderson, Christina Anthony, Julie Arriola, Amber Bennett, Catherine Castronovo, Kerry Catori, Teryn Concagh, Robert Culver, Emily Rose Danaher, Alicia M. Dirksen, Brittney Edwards, Steven Gonzales, Charlene Goodman, Benjamin Gunn, Benjamin Hannum, Jamie Harb, Kristen Jacobs, Valarie Johnston, Mishell  Kuveke, Alexandra Paige Lyon, Brianna “Jo” Martinez, Torrey Mason, Sharon Matos, Taylor McCollum, Tracy Nonaca, Ashley Norris, Faviola Perez, Natalie Ramos, Arianna Reyes, Madeline Steward, Alex Wade, Ashley White, and Rheya Yancy. We look forward to hearing of your future successes and thank you choosing Healing Hands School of Holistic Health.

As our industry sees growth and continued re-organization, Healing Hands School is proud to continue our mission of providing a wide variety of courses for the student and the therapist to further their education and enhance their career.

Happy New Year 2015!

In Peace and Health, Paula & Neha
All of us at Healing Hands


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