Holistic Massage School Prepares for a Record Breaking Enrollment

With Fall Enrollment just around the corner, the Faculty and Staff at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health (HHSHH) are busy preparing for what they expect to be a record breaking enrollment season.    When asked about her optimism,  Founding Director, Paula Curtiss, explained, ”With the increased demand for Massage Therapists (MTs) in the work force, 30,000 new jobs expected by 2022, we’re already seeing select classes fill to capacity.

Additionally, a new massage law going into effect on January 1, 2015 will require MTs to have a minimum of 500 hours of training (up from 250) for State Certification and requires Continuing Education Units for re-certification.  These factors have prompted an increase in prospective student phone calls and visits to our website and enrollment offices.  Our expansion of administrative and classroom space was strategically planned to assure our ability to accommodate the increase while still maintaining optimal student/teacher ratios.”  Student clinic

“With over a dozen massage schools in the OC to choose from, we always ask our students why they selected HHSHH” interjected Harmony Curtiss, Manager for HHSHH Laguna Hills campus. “Their top ten reasons were pretty compelling so I’ve listed them here to help others determine if HHSHH is the right school for them”…

  1. Flexibility:  HHSHH offers full-time and part-time programs, plus, day-time, evening and weekend classes to accommodate almost any schedule.  This allows stay at home moms/dads or those with full-time jobs, to meet their commitments while training for a new career.
  2. Reputation for Excellence:  Founded in 1992, HHSHH has successfully graduated more than 6,000 competent and caring students whose employers return to us time and again for their MT recruiting needs.
  3. Longevity of Service:  HHSHH Faculty demonstrates and stresses the importance of properbody-mechanics when delivering a massage.  As a result, HH graduates endure less on-the-job injuries, and have a longer than average longevity of service.
  4. Employment Opportunity:  At HHSHH we receive more job opportunities each month than we graduate students to fill them.  Our Career Services team can assist students with resume preparation and put them on a list to receive these job opportunities via e-mail.
  5. Job Security:  Massage Therapy is considered an “in-demand” profession by the US Department of Employment with job growth growing at a rate of 22% through 2022 – faster than any other job sector!
  6. Low Cost /High Quality Education:  Nationally accredited, HHSHH offers high-quality education while keeping enrollment costs low.  In fact, our 500 hour Massage Therapy Program offers one of the lowest tuition rates among massage schools in Southern California.
  7. Financial Aid: several flexible in-house payment plans as well as Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA, Veterans Benefits, WIA Funding, etc.) are available to students who qualify.shutterstock_116241661
  8. Financial Independence: Massage Therapists earn on average $25 to $45 per hour making it a financially supportive and viable career choice.
  9. CEU Approved Curriculum: HHSHH offers over 80 Holistic Health Courses taught by specialists on the subject and is a reliable resource for those seeking Continuing Educational Units (CEU).
  10. Unparalleled variety of massage and holistic health classes – You may request a copy of our Annual Class Catalog (listing all class descriptions) by calling Harmony at (949) 305-2722.

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