Healing Hands Newsletter!

Hello Healers,

Each year, Paula and Neha select one instructor to be honored as the Healing Hands Teacher of the Year. We review not only what qualities make a good teacher, but also what qualities make a great Healing Hands teacher.  Our past Teachers of the Years were: Denise Fultz 2003, Raina Colvin 2004, Sandra Christie 2005, Daniel Shultz 2006, Jennifer Sanchez 2007, Danielle Weaver 2008, JR Price 2009, Annie Heffner 2010, Pilar Chandler 2011, Shaunna Avila McClure 2012, and Dan Martin 2013.  This list reflects the caliber of the Healing Hands teaching staff. All are great teachers, continually learning their subject and consistently striving to learn better ways to communicate. All are instructors who respond to the needs of their students. All are able teach the basic building blocks of their subject matter clearly, and yet teach complex areas with confidence, without pretention. Yet, what makes a great Healing Hands teacher? A Healing Hands teacher is primarily a healer. They are able to extend their healing skills to every student in their class. At the same time they are teaching a skill set to students, they are envisioning their own healing skills to be facilitated through every student in the room.

Our 2014 Teacher of the Year is Claudia Baben. Claudia came to Healing Hands as a student with extensive training in Thai Massage. She is citizen of the world, having lived in South Africa, England and Ireland, and traveled throughout world. Very early in her time at Healing Hands, Claudia became quite enamored with her master teachers, and was soon Classroom Assisting every chance she got. Because of Claudia’s commitment to Thai healing techniques, she not only became the Thai Massage teacher for the 100 hour Thai Massage course, but she also expanded our Thai bodywork courses to include Thai Foot Massage and Herbal Thai Massage. Claudia joined Jeni  Hartung and Dan Martin in Laguna Hills to teach Circulatory Massage. Claudia loves being a professional healer. Her enthusiasm for massage therapy and her precise communication skills make her classes as vibrant and full of knowledge as she is. Congratulations Claudia! And Thank you for sharing your healing work with us all.

We also congratulate our latest Holistic Health Practitioner graduates: Katherine Andrews, Krystal Avery, Claudia Baben, Kimberlynn Bernard, Ian Borck, Amber Brittian, Jonathan Cracchiolo, Kelsy Getchell, Cammy Grajek, Jenny Hanson, Katrina Karnes, Sarah Keck, Hanna Martinek, Faith McCready, Melissa Mendoza, Oliver O’Mara, Tanya Owen, Krassimire Ouzounov, Shelby Prewitt, Catherine Roth, Hayley Simon, Gerome Templeton, and Viet Ha The Vu. You all came to Healing Hands from different backgrounds, different life experiences. Some of you were just beginning your path as healers, others brought years of training and expertise with you. We wish you well in your career and look forward to hearing of your success.

We invite all to share Springtime Camping and Healing at the 2014 Healing Hands Holistic Living Retreat! Come splash in the creek; meditate under the oaks; learn new techniques of healers others and self; and celebrate Spring together!

In Peace & Health,

Paula and Neha and All of Us at Healing Hands